• Welcome to Region Four

    We are incredibly excited to begin our regional structure this year. This structure will permit us to serve and support our community in a way that connects to our unique needs. Region 4 has a rich heritage whereby generation after generation of families choose to call this area home. The long-standing relationships that are built in this region pull together families, schools, and community in a way that builds supportive pathways that inspire students to move towards excellence in what they do.

    Region 4 is committed to our superintendent’s priorities of putting students at the center of all decision making by focusing on excellence in foundational skills, great educators in every school, career empowerment and preparation, and success for every student. Schools in Region 4 are dedicated to these priorities, which can be seen in the programming offered and accomplishments attained.

    Students are at the heart of what drives what we do and are seen as our most valuable asset. It is an honor and a privilege to be on this journey with you as we work together to ensure the best for the future of our students.