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    Want to complete the form on your computer or device?

    Some forms, but not all, can be filled out online after downloading. "Fillable" indicates that after the form has been downloaded to your computer, it can be completed by clicking in each field and typing into the field if desired. Be sure you have an updated version of Adobe Reader that allows you to save your form.

    Automatic routing/approval/notification for some forms for employees - SchoolStream

    Five selected Knox County Schools' forms can be electronically submitted, routed, and approved using SchoolStream forms processing. When completed online, the form is routed to the appropriate individuals for approval. Users receive email notification of the status of the request and may also log in at any time to review previous forms and status of current forms. Employees must LOG IN to SchoolStream to access these forms.

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    Note to Employees: Please login to access the complete forms listing.