• COVID Dashboard

    The Knox County Health Department is responsible for contact tracing and provides student- and staff-related COVID-19 data to Knox County Schools, as reported below. These numbers will be updated each afternoon from Monday through Friday, but will not be updated during extended school holidays.

    "Active cases" represents the number of confirmed cases by the Health Department and KCS Health Services. Please note that there could be a delay based on lab reporting.  

    In updated guidance received in late August from the Tennessee Department of Education, school districts may apply for a waiver to temporarily move classrooms or individual schools to online learning. Moving entire school districts to virtual is currently not an option allowed by the state. As in previous years, the district does have 10 inclement weather days to use throughout the school year. If all inclement weather days are used, those instructional days must be made up using other days such as fall break, winter break, spring break or by extending the school year.

    * Dashboard updated at 5:00 p.m. on Friday, May 20, 2022.

    ** On Sept. 8, Knox County Schools issued a statement providing additional details about the data collection and reporting process for our COVID dashboard. The full statement is available at this link.


  • School Data

    KCS launched the COVID dashboard in August of 2021, with the goal of providing families and employees with transparency regarding cases within our schools. Since then, we received additional feedback asking for school-level COVID data, and the Board of Education voted in favor of making this information public.

    With that in mind, our dashboard has been updated and school-by-school numbers are now available. As you review the data, please keep these factors in mind:

    • The dashboard does not include COVID data for Pre-K students or staff; 
    • Because of its limited enrollment, data from the Fort Sanders Educational Development Center will not be included;
    • All data will be reported in ranges, in order to protect individual privacy. In addition, any school that has a student population of 250 or less will start at a case range of equal to or less than 15; and
    • Absences reported for each school are total numbers, and are not limited to COVID-related absences.