• Transfers Department

    Knox County Schools have specific zones set up for school attendance. Knox County students must attend the school in the zone where their legal parents/guardians reside unless granted an approved transfer. If a parent would like for their child(ren) to attend a school outside his or her zone beginning in the upcoming school year, a transfer must be granted. An approved transfer is valid through terminal grade of the school, (K-5, 6-8, 9-12). If approved, parents will be responsible for transportation and shall accompany their student(s) to the school for enrollment/registration.

    A student transfer may be recommended for revocation for good and sufficient reasons, such as:

    • attendance
    • discipline
    • lack of academic progress

    During the school year students may also be placed in a school outside of their zoned school by the Superintendent for the following reasons:

    • safety
    • welfare of the student
    • programming 

    Note: Requests for consideration of administrative placement must be made in writing and submitted to Brian Hartsell via email, US Mail or hand delivery.  Administrative placements will be approved to a school that can accommodate the student. (space, programming, staffing, etc.)

  • Difference in "Transfer" & "Enrollment"

    Student Transfer

    An approved student transfer is needed to attend any school other than the school for which the student is zoned. School zones can be found at kgis.org


    Students new to Knox County Schools may seek enrollment at their zoned school. School zones can be found at kgis.org

    NOTE: Students moving into Knox County during summer months do not need to transfer to attend their zoned Knox County School. Student enrollment (in most cases) is completed at the individual schools.

    If you have any questions regarding transfers or enrollment please contact the Enrollment Office at 594-1502.

    Kindergarten Age

    Students must be five years old by August 15 to enroll in Kindergarten.