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  • Social Studies Textbook Adoption are now on public display in the lobby of the Sarah Simpson Center through March. Plesae stop by to view all K-12 samples available for the textbook adoption committee members to chose from.  

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  • Social Studies Textbook Adoption

    Committee Members


    Middle School

    Karen Peterman                  Donna Jett                    Tammie Edington

    Mike Wyatt                           Karah Loveland            Zelda Dotson

    Jenna Howerton                  Peggy Keck                   Mark Chenot

    Lori Cox                                Carla McLeod                Vincent Cariddi

    Kristi Letsinger                    Fran Daniels                 Brooke Merritt


    High School

    Derek Griffin                        Mary Roberts                 Clare Brimer

    Rebecca Furman                 Karen Stanish                Kristi Radocesky

    Laura Webb                         Elizabeth Blankenship   Ben Brewer

    Seth Rayman                       Chelsea Osborne           Laura St. Clair

    Jill Harry                               Gordon Sisk                    Bret Jones

    Angela Breeding                 Shasta Todd                                     


    Elementary  K-2

    Tara Chandler                       Rhonda Hall

    Pamela Cox                          Cathy Dodson

    Amber French


    Elementary 3-5

    Marianne Benson                 Melissa Guinn                 Sarah Shoesmith

    Molly Smelser                        Meg McMurray               Kathy Smith

    Sarah Eddins                         Kim Lee                            Hillary Hudson

    Amanda Garrett                   Herman Sutton              Tina Corea

    Eliza Stooksbury                    Amanda Adams             Melanie Ratliff

    Laura Miller                           Natalie Pratt                   Carley Mitchell

    Erin Norman                          Melody Keltz                   Monique Miller

    Olivia Lynn                            Tracie Hardin                   Sandy Wallen

    Jessica Seaton                       Karla Hodges                  Kim McDaniel


    Parent Members

    Jennifer (Allyson) Dowell

    Kristin Risdahl

    Dr. Anthony Pellegrino


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  • November District Learning Day

    Social Studies Department

    Site: Karns High School

    November 6 District Learning Day Program of Study

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  • Using Canvas in the Social Studies Classroom Resources


    Scroll down the page to the links section to access the resources shared at the September 6 professional development about using Canvas in the Social Studies classroom.  If you have questions please email or call Judy, Katherine, or Dean.  

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  • Constitution Day, September 17 and Celebrate Freedom Week, September 17-21!

    Click on the link below  (scroll down the page to the links section) to access the resources shared at the August 22nd professional development.  If you have questions please email or call Judy, Katherine, or Dean.   


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Social Studies Department

  • KCS SS Logo
    For Teachers
    Our Mission

    The mission of the Knox County Schools Social Studies Department is to utilize research-based instructional strategies and cross-curricular connections to empower students with the skills and knowledge necessary to become competent, active, career and/or college ready citizens within a global society and to support excellence for every child.

    Our Beliefs
    • Engaging in Social Studies coursework nurtures growth in both personal and social skills.
    • Social Studies enhances students’ global awareness.
    • Social Studies promotes active participation in our political and economic systems.
    • Social Studies equips students with skills and knowledge to be successful in their community and world.
    • Social Studies empowers students to be problem-solvers and critical thinkers.
    • Social Studies fosters good citizenship.
    • Social Studies encourages an understanding of the past, how it applies to the present, and of how it impacts the future.
    • Social Studies promotes respect for diversity.
    • Social Studies teachers engage all students by using purposeful, meaningful, and research-based instructional strategies.
    • Cross-curricular instruction supports excellence for all children.
    • Collaboration and data-driven instruction supports excellence for every child.

    Our Goals
    • Students will develop a respect for their rights and the rights of others.
    • Students will develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that will foster responsible, global citizenship.
    • Students will develop the skills necessary to adapt to an ever-changing society.
    • Students will understand how society establishes governing institutions and distributes power and authority.
    • Students will study, analyze, and interpret data in order to develop a historical perspective to assist in making informed choices and decisions for the present.
    • Students will develop global and multicultural perspectives.

    The Social Studies standards-based curriculum/content provides critical support for KCS, including the School Board's and each school's Mission, and the Superintendent’s Strategic Plan by:
    • Supporting the common good.
    • Adopting common and multiple perspectives.
    • Applying knowledge, skills, and values to civic action.
    • Acquiring information and manipulating data.
    • Developing and presenting policies, arguments, and stories.
    • Constructing new knowledge.
    • Implementing a collaborative, teacher-developed standards-based curriculum.
    • Using data to improve instruction.
    • Addressing Career, College, and ACT Readiness Standards for Reading & Writing throughout the K-12 Curriculum.
    • Encouraging cross-curricular instruction to support high-stakes areas such as Math and Reading.
    • Supporting the building of literacy in Social Studies/History.
    • Differentiating instruction to support the needs of every child.

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