Daily Bus Report

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    The Daily Bus Report 

    Until further notice: for families in the Farragut, Bearden, Hardin Valley and Karns areas: it has come to our attention that buses that service schools in these areas are experiencing 20 to 30 minute delays at the schools due to the heavy concentration of traffic at and around the schools.  Please expect drop off times ( both mornings and afternoons ) to be 20 to 30 minutes past the times posted on our website. 

    Wednesday, August 15th, Morning:

    Mornings Until Further Notice:

    • Bus 25: Northshore Elem: 20-25 min. late
    • Bus 725:
      • covered by Bus 25, A. L. Lotts Elementary: on time
      • covered by Bus 128, Cedar Bluff Middle: 20-25 min. late
    • Bus 301: 
      • Norwood Elementary: covered by Bus 330: on time
      • Northwest Middle: 1st load covered by Bus 96410 min. early/2nd load by Bus 302on time
    • Bus 330: Northwest Middle: 10 min. late 

     Wednesday, August 15, Afternoon:

    Afternoons Until Further Notice:

    • Bus 37: Northwest Middle: 1st and 2nd load: 15-20 min late
    • Bus 46: Amherst Elementary: 10-15 mins. late
    • Bus 191: Rocky Hill Elementary: 20 min late
    • Bus 283: Northwest Middle: combine 1st and 2nd load: pick up at 4:00 pm
    • Bus 301: 
      • Norwood Elementary: covered by Bus 302: on time
      • Northwest Middle: 1st load covered by Bus 37: on time/2nd loadcovered by Bus 302: 20 min. late
    • Bus 302:
      • Northwest Middle: 1st and 2nd loads combinedearly/late in some areas
      • Pleasant Ridge Elementary: 15 min. late




    School Bus Concern Form
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    Transportation Contact:  865-594-1550

    Bus Safety HotLine:  865-594-1935
    Transportation Email - transportation@knoxschools.org