Excellence for Every Child

Board Policies - Section G
Human Resources

G-100 - Introduction to Human Resources Policies
G-110 - Collaborative Conferencing
G-120 - Professional Growth Opportunities
G-130 - Employee Complaints and Grievances
G-131 - Complaints about School Personnel
G-140 - Staff-Student Relations
G-150 - Staff-Community Relations
G-160 - Staff Conflict of Interest
G-170 - Staff Gifts and Solicitations
G-180 - Personnel Files
G-190 - Salary Deductions
G-200 - Academic Freedoms
G-210 - Drug-Free Workplace
G-211 - Smoking and Use of Tobacco.
G-220 - Harassment of Employees
G-221 - Employee Whistleblower Protection
G-230 - Personnel Definitions
G-240 - Compensation Guides and Contracts for Professional Personnel
G-250 - Utilization of Career Level Educators
G-260 - Extended Contracts
G-270 - Strategic Compensation
G-280 - Qualifications and Duties of Teachers
G-290 - Hiring Personnel
G-300 - Assignment
G-310 - Job Sharing
G-320 - Tuition Assistance Program
G-330 - Tenure
G-331 - Non-Tenure
G-340 - Reductions in Certified Staff
G-350 - Evaluation of School-Based Certified Personnel
G-360 - Personnel Transfers
G-370 - Administrative Suspension
G-380 - Dismissal of Tenured Teachers
G-381 - Suspension-Dismissal of Non-Tenured Teachers
G-390 - Appointment of Hearing Officers
G-400 - Resignation
G-410 - Retirement
G-420 - Working Conditions
G-430 - Personnel Health Examinations and Communicable Diseases
G-440 - Time Schedules and Extra Duty
G-450 - Tutoring for Pay
G-460 - Emergency and Legal Leave
G-461 - Sick Leave
G-462 - Personal and Professional Leave
G-463 - Long-Term Leaves of Absence
G-464 - Family and Medical Leave
G-465 - Military Leave
G-466 - Legislative Leave
G-470 - Substitute Teachers
G-480 - Student Teachers and Teacher Interns
G-490 - Third Party Funded Positions
G-500 - Compensation Guides and Contracts for Support Personnel
G-510 - Evaluation of Classified Personnel
G-520 - Dismissal of Classified Personnel
G-530 - Transfers of Classified Personnel
G-540 - Reduction in Staff for Classified Personnel
G-550 - Resignation of Classified Personnel
G-560 - Classified Personnel Health Examination-Communicable Diseases
G-570 - Time Schedules of Classified Personnel
G-571 - Overtime Pay of Classified Personnel
G-580 - Non-School Activities of Classified Personnel
G-590 - Leaves and Absences of Classified Personnel
G-591 - Vacations and Holidays of Classified Personnel
G-600 - Substitutes and Part-Time Employees

Board Policies - Section H

Section H of the Knox County Board of Education Policy Manual was rescinded when the Professional Educators Collaborative Conferencing Act (PECCA) replaced the Education Professional Negotiation Act (EPNA) effective June 1, 2011.  For policy information regarding PECCA, see Board Policy G-110 "Collaborative Conferencing."

Board Policies - Section I
Instructional Goals and Objectives

I-100 - Instructional Goals and Objectives
I-110 - Curriculum
I-120 - Early College Admission
I-121 - Enrollment in College Level Courses
I-122 - Course Credit Earned Outside the Base High School
I-130 - Work-Based Learning
I-140 - Homebound Instruction
I-150 - Gifted and Talented
I-160 - Special Education
I-170 - Extracurricular Activities
I-171 - Interscholastic Athletics
I-172 - Interscholastic Sports Examination
I-180 - Adult Education Program
I-190 - Organization for Instruction
I-200 - Class Size
I-210 - Textbook Selection, Distribution and Care
I-211 - Selection of Instructional Materials Other than Textbooks
I-212 - Reconsideration of Instructional Materials and Textbooks
I-220 - Access to Electronic Media
I-221 - Web Pages
I-222 - Internet Safety
I-230 - Use of Copyrighted Materials
I-231 - Duplicating Copyrighted Materials
I-240 - Reading Center
I-241 - School Libraries
I-242 - Community Instructional Resources
I-250 - Off-Campus Trips
I-260 - School Volunteers
I-270 - Family and Community Engagement
I-280 - Title I
I-290 - ESL Program Policy
I-300 - Remediation and Intervention Services.
I-310 - Reporting Student Progress
I-311 - Authorization for a Grade Change
I-320 - Homework
I-330 - Senior Classification
I-340 - Promotion, Retention, Acceleration
I-360 - Double Credits in English
I-370 - Graduation Requirements
I-371 - Early Graduation
I-372 - Commencement Ceremony
I-373 - Graduating with Honors or Distinction
I-380 - Testing Programs
I-381 - Integration of TCAP Scores in Student Grades
I-382 - Testing Accommodations for Students with Disabilities
I-383 - Test Security
I-390 - Value-Added Assessment Teacher Effect Data Access, Distribution and Security
I-400 - Surveys, Analysis and Evaluations
I-410 - Program Evaluation
I-420 - Controversial Issues
I-421 - Controversial Materials
I-430 - Recognition of Religious Beliefs, Customs and Holidays
I-431 - Religion in the Curriculum
I-432 - Religious Expression
I-433 - Prayer and Period of Silence
I-440 - Wellness Policy-Nutritional Standards for Food Items Sold
I-441 - Wellness Policy-Physical Activity
I-450 - Public Charter Schools

Board Policies - Section J

J-100 - Student Goals and Objectives
J-110 - Equal Educational Opportunities
J-120 - Attendance
J-121 - Attendance of Non-Resident Students
J-122 - Compulsory Attendance Ages
J-130 - Home Schools
J-140 - Homeless Students
J-150 - School Admissions
J-151 - Student Assignment
J-152 - Student Transfers Within the System
J-160 - Withdrawals
J-170 - Release During School Hours
J-180 - Rights and Responsibilities
J-181 - Procedural Due Process
J-190 - Code of Behavior and Discipline
J-191 - Misbehaviors and Disciplinary Options
J-192 - Detention
J-193 - Student Suspension
J-194 - Zero Tolerance Expulsions
J-195 - Student Disciplinary Hearing Authority
J-196 - Admission of Suspended or Expelled Students
J-200 - Interrogations and Searches
J-201 - Random Searches For Dangerous Weapons
J-210 - Harassment of Students
J-211 - Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying or Cyber-Bullying
J-212 - Student Conduct and Safe Relocation of Students
J-220 - Alcohol, Drug, and Tobacco Use
J-221 - Student Alcohol and Drug Testing
J-230 - Weapons and Dangerous Instruments
J-240 - Use of Personal Communication Devices in School
J-250 - Bus Conduct
J-260 - Dress Code
J-270 - Care of School Property
J-280 - Alternative School Programs
J-281 - Alternative School Services
J-290 - Unsafe School Choice
J-300 - Criminal Gang Awareness
J-310 - Adjudicated Delinquent Students
J-320 - Independent Evaluations of Students
J-330 - Student Guidance Program
J-340 - Student Insurance Program
J-350 - Student Health Services
J-351 - Physical Examinations and Immunizations
J-352 - Medication
J-353 - Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS)
J-354 - Glucagon Administration Policy
J-355 - Guidelines for Managing Life-Threatening Allergies
J-356 - Guidelines for Managing Life-Threatening Food Allergies
J-357 - Student Communicable Diseases
J-360 - Student Psychological Services
J-370 - Student Social Services
J-380 - Supervision of Students
J-390 - Child Custody-Parental Access
J-391 - Power of Attorney for Care of a Minor Child
J-400 - Child Abuse and Neglect
J-410 - Married and/or Pregnant Students
J-420 - Accidents and Illnesses
J-421 - Heat Illness Prevention
J-430 - School Nutrition Program
J-440 - Fund-Raising Activities
J-450 - Student Representative to the Knox County Board of Education
J-460 - Student Clubs and Organizations
J-461 - Student Government
J-470 - Student Publications
J-480 - Student Social Events
J-490 - Student Performance
J-500 - Student Solicitations
J-510 - Student Vehicles
J-520 - Contests for Students
J-530 - Awards and Scholarships
J-540 - Gifts
J-550 - Student Records
J-551 - Student Records Annual Notification of Rights
J-552 - Student Educational Records
J-560 - Student Fees and Fines

Policy Manual Info

The Knox County Board of Education Policy Manual is updated online immediately following approval of any changes by the Board. Policy documents are pdf files that require Adobe Acrobat Reader for display. Acrobat Reader is free software.

Difference between 'Policy' & 'Procedure'

Knox County Board of Education sets board policy. How that policy is implemented is determined by the district administration by adopting and/or changing procedures to implement school board policy. Procedures do not require a vote of the Board, but reflect the intent of the Board's policy.

Board Policies by Section