• Finance

    The Knox County Schools Finance Department is responsible for the areas of budget, accounting (district-wide and internal school funds), business services, and compensation (payroll).

  • Chief Financial Officer/Assistant Superintendent of Finance and Human Resources

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  • Budget

    Budget staff oversee the development and maintenance of the district's operating budget (General Purpose School Fund). This includes preparing the annual budget document, compiling school staffing formulas, monitoring position control, assisting departments with budgeting compliance, providing input and ad hoc analysis to the Executive Team, and coordinating with all district departments to assist with strategic budgeting models, budget development, and budget monitoring.

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Budget Staff

Joe Snyder

Budget Director

Joni Joyce

Budget Analyst

Kevin Wilson

Budget Analyst


    Internal School Fund Accounting

    ISF staff support school bookkeepers in the accounting for student activity funds at each school. This includes providing bookkeeping and accounting guidance, developing internal control procedures, providing guidance to School Support Organizations, monitoring compliance to State accounting requirements, and providing interim bookkeeping services to schools with vacancies.

Internal School Fund Accounting Staff

Garrett Raiden

Director of Internal School Funds

Heidi Murray

Accounting Clerk

Angie Goddard

Bookkeeper Support Liaison

  • Accouting

    Accounting staff are responsible for general accounting functions for all district fund types (e.g. General Purpose School Fund, State and Federal Projects, Capital Projects, and School Nutrition). This includes performing general ledger control and maintenance, preparing journal entries, compiling financial statements, preparing accounting reports and ad hoc documents for district departments, analyzing revenue trends and fund balance projections, and performing monthly account reconciliation.


Accounting Staff

Chris Simons

Director of Accounting

Michelle Henson

Senior Accountant

Ginger Giffin

Senior Accountant


    Business Services

    Business Services staff oversee purchasing, accounts receivable, and accounts payable activity for district funds. This includes ensuring district purchases, contracts, and agreements adhere to district policies and procedures while complying with Knox County procurement regulations. Staff also process accounts payable for district departments (e.g. invoices, purchase order reconciliation, etc.) and monitor travel and employee expense reports and reimbursements.

Business Services Staff

Robin Lane

Director of Business Services

Pam Blackburn

Business Services Assistant

Annie Ewoldt

Business Services Assistant

Patti Labello

Business Services Assistant

Lisa Hickson

Business Services Assistant