Canvas Sub Account Administrators

  • As we begin to look forward to next year, as your school’s EdTech Liaison, we would like to get a jumpstart on using Canvas at your school site. Canvas will be having some updates this summer that will provide many great new features including the ability for users to “nickname” all of their courses.

    With the new addition of Chromebooks at many schools sites, Canvas will become an essential piece of using the Google Drive and Google Docs to their fullest potential.

    Each school can have Canvas Sub-Account Administrators to help with the management. You will find below a list of the permissions and capabilities of a Sub-Account administrator. 

    We are offering Sub-Account Administrator Trainings during the summer to allow you to prepare for the new updates to Canvas as well as having someone on your school site able to help troubleshoot issues and problems.

    Pass this information on to anyone that you would like to serve as a Canvas Sub-Account Administrator at your site and any Canvas Sub-Account Administrators who need additional training. Trainings will be listed in Randa PD. All Canvas Sub-Account Administrators should have approval of the principal before taking the training.

Email Introduction to Canvas SAA

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    Canvas is a powerful learning management system. As more and more schools are purchasing devices, Chromebooks, in particular, there has been exponential interest in using Canvas. Google Drive and Canvas are perfect partners for turning in assignments and making a teacher’s job easier.

    At the end of May, Canvas will be having some exciting new updates. This will mean changes in the look and feel of Canvas making it more user friendly and a cleaner, more polished appearance. Going forward, we would like to make sure that your school has everything necessary to use Canvas and it’s new interface to it’s fullest potential.

    Each school can have Canvas Sub-Account Administrators to help with daily Canvas tasks. If you, any administrator or building level tech personnel would like to have additional training or become a Sub-Account Administrator, we are offering sessions that will introduce the new interface, go over the role of Sub-Account Administrator by provide guidelines for creating courses, managing users and viewing statistics.   (See Dates and Times Below)

    Dates, Times and Locations for Sub-Account Admin Training

    **More to be scheduled and announced at a later date




    Thursday, April 14, 2016

    4:30-6:30 PM

    SSPDTC - Room 205

    Monday, May 23, 2016

    9-11 AM, 1-3 PM

    SSPDTC - Room 209

    Thursday, June 9, 2016

    9:30-11:30 AM, 1-3 PM

    SSPDTC - Room 209

    Tuesday, June 21, 2016

    9:30-11:30 AM, 1-3 PM

    SSPDTC - Room 209

     Wednesday, July 13
    9:30-11:30 AM
    Staff Pages Session 1:00-4:00 
     SSPDTC - Room 205
     Monday, July 18 9:30-11:30 AM
    Staff Pages Session 1:00-4:00 
     SSPDTC - Room 209

    **If you would like to host a Sub-Account Admin Training at your school site, please contact your EdTech Liaison with dates and times you would find convenient for your school. Please allow two weeks notice so we can invite others to the session.


    Permissions for Sub-Account Administrators


    Within your school Sub-Account, you can:
    • Become other users (masquerade as another user)
    • Manage (add/edit/delete) courses
    • Manage global announcements
    • Read SIS data
    • View statistics
    • View list of courses
    • Undelete courses
    • View notifications
    • Add, edit and delete events on the course calendar
    • Add/remove the teacher, course designers or TAs to the course
    • Add/remove students from the course
    • Change course state
    • Create student collaborations
    • Create web conferences
    • Manage(add/edit/delete)assignments and quizzes
    • Manage(add/edit/delete) course sections
    • Manage(add/edit/delete) course files
    • Manage(add/edit/delete) groups
    • Manage(add/edit/delete) course sections
    • Manage alerts
    • Manage all other course content
    • Manage faculty journal entries
    • Manage learning outcomes
    • Manage wiki(add/edit/delete)
    • Moderate discussions(delete/edit other’s post, lock topic)
    • Post to discussions
    • See the list of users
    • Send messages to individual course members
    • Send messages to the entire class
    • View all grades
    • View all students’ submissions and make comments on them
    • View analytics page
    • View and link question banks
    • View course content
    • View discussions
    • View the group pages of all student groups
    • View usage reports for the course