• “Many voices, many cultures, one world!”


    Vision statements: 

    • Our educators strive to support and educate all English Language Learners to become fully proficient in English and to gain an understanding of U.S. cultures so that they can be successful citizens in our dynamic global society.

    • Our educators will engage in meaningful collaboration with all staff members who participate in the students’ academic and personal development.

    KCS Core Strategies with ELL supports:

    1. Excellence in Foundational Skills-our educators will provide opportunities to promote language and literacy growth by applying the science of reading approach and exposing students to grade-level texts in the classroom.

    2. Strong Instruction-our educators will align the ELL support to the WIDA Standards Framework and include all four domains of language, listening, speaking, reading, and writing. 

    3. Career Empowerment and Preparation - our educators will set high expectations for learning as well as comply with the federal programs regulations.

    4. High Expectations-our educators will participate in professional development, communication, and teacher collaboration among all content areas to support the ELL  students’ academic and personal success.

    Equity Strategies:

    • To amplify and recognize the unique strengths of the ELs by giving them access to opportunities.

    • To accelerate learning by utilizing rigorous and differentiated curricula and by including ELs’ experiences and cultural identities.

    • To make connections and relationships with all stakeholders by creating safe learning environments in the classroom, school, and larger communities.

    Support Framework:

    ELL educators will utilize the following Coaching and Support Visit Structure, which focuses on the alignment of the district’s 4 priorities and best practices of the ELL instruction:

    1. Conversation during Planning and compliance discussion.

    2. Learning Walks/PLC or PD Support.

    3. Analysis of Learning Walks/Feedback by utilizing Ellevation’s Quality Instruction of Language & Content template.

    4. Planning & New Strategies Implementation.

    5. Reflection.

    Team Composition:

    ELL Supervisor - Dr. Inna Slisher

    Region 1 - Dr. Hannah Oesch

    Region 2 - Jamie Wolfe

    Region 3 - Tamara Ballast

    Region 4 - Lisa Clark

    Region 5 - Dr. Inna Slisher


  • English Language Learners Staff

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