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What is Canvas?

  • Canvas is a basic learning management system for managing enrollments, sharing documents, submitting assignments, and assigning grades, as well as personalized features for individual students. Canvas is known for its user-friendly online environment and ability to easily connect instructors and students both in and out of the classroom.

    This secure site allows teachers to building lesson modules and presentations, creating assignments and assessments, assigning grades, and more. Students and parents can:

    • Review lessons
    • Complete assignments
    • View graded assignments

    Parents can also email teachers and set automatic email notifications.

    This information can only be accessed only by logging in and may include announcements, important assignments and links to classroom information.

    To proceed to Canvas.

Aspen Family Portal FAQ's

  • If my child is new to Knox County Schools, how do I get my Aspen Family Portal login?
    I know I have an Aspen Family Portal account, but I have lost my login information. What should I do?
    What should I do if I forget my password?
    What if the system doesn't recognize my email address, but I know it is correct?
    Where will I find my child's schedule for the new school year when they are released on Aspen Family Portal?
    I've logged into the Aspen Family Portal, but I don't see information for each of my children. What should I do?
    How long will it take to get an answer to the email I sent to the KCS IT Helpdesk?

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