Taking an Online PD Canvas Course

  • Working at Computer

    Knox County Schools offers many professional development opportunities online. Employees that have participated in them have been very complimentary and appreciative of this convenience.  Many have expressed that they like the ability to take the course on their time, all at one sitting, or over several blocks of time. If you are one who is unsure about the process, then continue reading this overview of what to expect.

What You Will Need to Know

  • Below is a list sequencing the things you'll need to be familiar with to make your online PD easy and enjoyable. Click the Help Me link after each item to learn more about it.
    1. Your AD (Active Directory) credentials  Help Me
    2. Basic navigation of the User Dashboard  Help Me
    3. How to update your profile  Help Me
    4. How to find your course enrollments  Help Me
    5. How to use the course self-enroll URL  Help Me
    6. Basic navigation of the Course Dashboard  Help Me
    7. How to use the Canvas Inbox feature  Help Me
    8. How to take a quiz or survey  Help Me
    9. Where to find and read the online agreement and course expectations  Help Me
    10. How to reply to a Canvas discussion board  Help Me
    11. How to submit assignments  Help Me
    12. How to use Module Navigation to return to 'where you left off' in the course  Help Me