• Welcome to Region Five

    Region 5 is full of innovative, impactful and resilient educators who dedicate their time and talents preparing our students for tomorrow's world. It is an extreme honor to serve as part of the leadership team focused on helping support and celebrate our region's educators, students, and families through partnering with our supportive and prideful school communities. We are fortunate to serve some of the most talented and brightest group of students in Knox County!

    Driven by our collective commitment and grounded on the belief that all students can learn and achieve at high levels when provided with the proper levels of support, we collectively envision the following to be true in every school across Region 5:

    • Our educators will build meaningful relationships with students and families and will not just teach with high expectations but also show genuine care and support as students work to meet those expectations.
    • Our educators will be masters of their craft and well-versed in the most beneficial instructional strategies for our students.
    • All of our students will be able to say that their school provides a high-quality education that pushes and supports them to grow academically and personally, placing them on the path to success.

    The following Region 5 Core Strategies will drive our district priorities for student success:

    1. Grade-Appropriate Assignments: We will support our educators with ensuring students have consistent opportunities to work on grade-appropriate assignments.
    2. Strong Instruction: We will support our educators with providing strong instruction that lets students do most of the thinking in the lesson.
    3. Deep Engagement: We will support our educators with ensuring students experience deep engagement in learning.
    4. High Expectations: We will support our educators with holding high expectations for students and genuinely believing they can meet grade-level standards.

    We look forward to serving and collaborating with our unique and diverse school communities to support students with the academic skills and character development needed to succeed and bring about positive and courageous changes in their communities!

    "Region Five: Championing our students with the courage and skills to move forward and thrive in tomorrow’s world!"

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