Web 2.0 Online Collaboration

  • This site is designed to provide teachers with current infomation about what kind of assets are available on the web and beyond that, what is it that kids are actually doing when they spend hours each day on the computer! 
    Find support here with online links and resources so that teachers can investigate and learn on their own. 

Interactive Web Tools for Creative Classrooms

  • Interactive Web Tools for the Classroom
    Audio ToolsVideo ToolsImage ToolsCollaboration ToolsEducational Tools
    Skype - free communication through downloaded program

    Audacity - free audio editor and recorder
    VoiceThread -transform media with voice commenting

    Free Music
    Freeplay Music - copyright free (non-midi) music

    Animoto turns your photos and video clips into professional video slideshows

    Prezi is a zooming story telling and presentation tool that helps you create outstanding visuals for your thoughts

    Voki are animated characters that say what you want to say!

    GoAnimate- create your own cartoons and animations

    Jing - develop and share through flickr, website, IM, email

    Photo Editing
    BeFunky - turn photos into incredible art with one click
    FotoFlexer - "world's most advanced online image editor"

    Fun photo editing
    Big Huge Lab - do fun stuff with pictures

    Hugin - for the creation of panoramic pictures
    Photo Storage
    Slideshare - upload/share PowerPoints and documents

    Find Images
    Internet 4 Classrooms

    Word Clouds
    Wordle - generate word clouds
    TagCrowd - paste page text for a word cloud
    Tagxedo-generate word clouds with shapes
    Evernote - create, clip and find notes online
    EasyBib - bibliography and citation maker
    Diigo - highlight the web and share
    Shared Documents
    Google Docs - share documents for collaboration
    Zoho - online document use 
    Office Live - Online document use
    Graphic Organizers
    Argumentative - software for manipulating argument maps
    Free Mind - mind mapping software
    ClassTools - create and embed templates into websites or blog
    Gliffy - flow chart organizers
    Text 2 Mind Map - text to map converter


    Word Use

    Wordle - generate word clouds
    TagCrowd - paste page text for a word cloud

    Social Studies
    Google Earth
    Gapminder Statistics of the world in interactive maps.


    Shodor - java math and science activities


    Stellarium - download to display stars, constellations, planets, nebulas, etc.

    Polls and surveys

    Survey Monkey - easy online survey
    Poll Everywhere

    Other Tools

    Kahn Academy Online lessons especially math- An amazing ammount of content including History. 

    Online Notetaking

    More Web 2.0 SitesWriting Tools 
    Web 2.0 Sites

    Go 2 Web 2.0

    Telescopic Text An exploration of scale and levels of detail in an interactive format. 

    Make your Own Telesopic text An exploration of scale and levels of detail that you can manipulate. 

    Scholastic Story Starter Ready to write? ThisStory Starter machine generates creative writing prompts. You never know how your story will start.

     is a really neat creative writing site that provides pictures and a word bank for students to create literary images. 

    Madlits is good for teaching younger children grammar skills.

    Text2Mind Map Convert your text or list of keywords to a mind map instantly

    Visuwords Look up words in the Visuwords online graphical dictionary and thesaurus to find their meanings and associations with other words and concepts