• Tennessee Comprehensive Assessment Program (TCAP) Tentative Testing Calendar - 2021-22 School Year Click here for link

    Details regarding Knox County and State mandated assessments for the current school year are available under "State and District Required Assessments".

    Fall TCAP EOC Testing Window - 11/29-12/16/2021 (On-line)

    Spring TCAP ACH 3-5 Testing Window - 4/18-4/29/2022 (Paper)

    Spring TCAP ACH 6-8 Testing Window - 4/18-5/3/2022 (Paper) 

    Spring TCAP EOC Testing Window - 4/18-5/6/2022 (On-line)


    2021-2022 Assessment Calendars  



    A listing of Knox County and State mandated assessments for the current school year is located at this link.  


    TCAP Information

ACT Information / Links for SY2122

  • ACT   ACT Main Website

    ACT TN TestingACT TN Website Link


    ACT Toolkit

    The ACT Toolkit provides practical information for students, parents, and educators regarding registering and preparing for the ACT. The toolkit can be found here.  

    ♦ ACT Test Administration Opportunities for Juniors and Seniors for SY2122

    Juniors -

    • TN Statewide ACT Assessment: In-school on March 1, 2022. This test administration will be open to all Juniors (and Seniors who have never taken the ACT). 
    Seniors -
    • Senior Retake Day: In-school October 5, 2021 (with make-up dates of October 19 and November 2, 2021) 
      • This is the fall 2021 senior retake date.
    • TN Statewide ACT Assessment: In-school on March 1, 2022 (with make-up date of March 29, 2022). 
      • Seniors who missed all prior opportunities to test at school may also take the ACT for the first time in the spring with Juniors on the in-school, state testing date.
    ACT Fee Waiver Program - Students (Juniors or Seniors), regardless of previous ACT participation, who meet ACT’s guidelines for “economically disadvantaged” may request up to two fee waivers from ACT to take the test on a national test date free of charge. Students should check with the school counselors for details. 

Good Information to Know (Resources)

  • The following documents are available for review from TDOE and provide valuable information about Student Assessment in Tennessee. 

    • TDOE - Student Assessment in TN link
    • Parent Portal TCAP Score Reports link.
    • TDOE TNReady webpage is available at this link
      • TNReady English Language Arts is detailed at this link
      • TNReady Mathematics is detailed at this link.
      • TNReady Science is detailed at this link.
      • TNReady Social Studies is detailed at this link
    • Assessment Blueprints show a summary of what is assessed in each grade.
    • Why Test? is a one page handout that explains the high level role of assessments (download here)
    • Assessment Calendar from TDOE

TN Ready Parent Resources

  • TNReady Score Report Resource for Families

    TDOE has created a website providing families with additional information about TNReady score reports. Click here to view the website. 

Assessment Contacts

  • Laurie Driver

    Supervisor of Assessments
    Supervior of Secondary Counselors
    (865) 594-1735 Office

    Beth Boston

    Assessment Specialist
    Assistant to Laurie Driver, Supervisor of Assessments 
    (865) 594-1735 Office
    (865) 594-1609 Fax 

Department of Research, Evaluation and Assessment (REA)

  • The Department of Research, Evaluation, and Assessment (REA) is a multi-faceted team that serves the district. REA is comprised of the Supervisor of Research and Evaluation, the Supervisor of Assessment, a senior data analyst, a data analyst, and  an accountability specialist.  The department is responsible for state accountability measures, administration of all district-wide assessments, program evaluation, researching curricular data, communicating data to appropriate stakeholders across the district, and providing its analytical expertise to assist school leaders in making student-centered, data-driven decisions.  In addition to these responsibilities, the REA team also serves as the gateway for external organizations requesting access to data from the Knox County Schools to include in third-party research.

    REA Logo