Ombudsman Office

  • The district Ombudsman (Tammi Campbell) identifies opportunities for service improvements and serves as a resource for families, employees and the community to resolve issues or concerns through mediation and education. The Ombudsman hears and discusses the presenting concern, and after determining the need communicates and clarifies concerns to appropriate KCS staff and helps all parties find acceptable options and solutions.
    The Special Education Parent Liaison/Ombudsman (Sue Ownby) is the primary point-of-contact for concerns regarding students who receive special education services.
    Anyone with a concern can contact the Ombudsman office to discuss or seek assistance in resolving or clarifying a school or district concern, problem or complaint by online form, phone, in writing or by email.

4 Steps to Resolve a Concern

  • Step 1
    Report your concern to your child's school principal, teacher and/or to the specific staff person involved.
    Step 2
    If the issue remains unresolved, contact Knox County Schools district office for the specific division or grade-level supervisor.
    Step 3
    If after completing Step 1 and Step 2, an adequate resolution has not been reached submit a service request online, by email to or call 865-594-1192.
    Step 4
    The Ombudsman will reach out to listen and take actions to address and facilitate resolution options in cooperation with KCS staff and in compliance with Knox County Schools policies and procedures.

Ombudman Contacts

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More Information

  • Below are several documents to assist in submitting a service request.


    Will my communication with the Ombudsman be confidential?


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