Visual Arts Department

  • Our Mission
    The Knox County Schools Visual Arts Department provides every student an outstanding comprehensive and standards based visual arts education.
    Our Vision

    The Knox County Schools Visual Arts Department will be the best art department in the country by 2022.


Visual Arts Information

  • The Visual Arts Department, part of the Fine Arts Department, is proud to be housed within the Humanities Department. Humanities is supervised by Dr. Jean Heise, and is part of the larger Teaching & Learning Department, which is under the leadership of Executive Director, Shannon Jackson.
    This Visual Arts Department is comprised of 110 Visual Arts educators. We serve 79 schools, grades K-12, across Knox County.
    Please click here for a link to our textbooks.

Visual Arts Contact

Humanities Support Staff

  • Angie Satterfield

    Administrative Secretary
    Humanities Department  
    Andrew Johnson Building
    12th Floor
    (865) 594-2975 Office
    (865) 594-3659 Fax