• Homebound

  • Homebound placement is the most restrictive educational placement. Homebound is a short-term placement for a student that has a physical or mental condition requiring the student's absence from school for more than ten (10) consecutive instructional days over the period of the school year. To begin the homebound process, please contact Megan Greene (megan.greene@knoxschools.org) or Mendy Williams (mendy.williams@knoxschools.org). The homebound office will provide the parent/guardian with a medical release to complete for the student's physician recommending homebound placement. After receiving the completed medical release from the parent/guardian, the homebound office will fax the Knox County Schools (KCS) Homebound Paperwork to the student's physician listed on the medical release. When the student's physician completes and returns the KCS Homebound Paperwork, the homebound office will review the paperwork, and send it to the student's school to schedule a meeting to discuss the physician's recommendations.

    Homebound is not a guaranteed placement. It is recommended for the student to remain in communication with teachers and provide notes for absences.

    If you are interested in becoming a part-time homebound teacher, please email daphne.odom@knoxschools.org.





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        • KCS Homebound Department provides parent information.
          • PHI Medical Release form to be completed by parent for each medical provider recommending homebound
          • General guidelines of the homebound process

        • KCS Homebound Department notify school administration/team homebound paperwork has been requested by guardian and/or medical provider of student.

        • KCS Homebound Department faxes medical statement to medical office to be completed by provider.

        • KCS Homebound Department notifies school to schedule an S-Team, 504, or IEP meeting once all medical documentation is received from medical providers. 

        • At the meeting, the team will determine if homebound is the appropriate educational placement.
          • Homebound is not a guaranteed placement even with physician recommendation 
          • For a student to be eligible for homebound placement, per the state law, the student must miss 10 consecutive instructional days. 
          • If approved, it is required for the school team to reconvene no later than 30 school days (6 weeks) to discuss continuation and/or updated medical information if appropriate.

        • If the team determines homebound is not the best placement for the child, it is recommended to discuss a possible transition plan for student to return and/or remain in school during the meeting.


      • Parent/Guardian will begin the request for homebound placement by completing the protected health information (PHI) release form and returning it to the homebound office via fax or e-mail. 

        If your student is under the care of multiple physicians, please complete a separate medical release for each physician. 

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