Mission Statement

  • The Knox County Schools Speech/Language, Hearing and Vision Services personnel assess, identify, and program for students with communication and sensory disabilities. Our goal is to identify their needs, support their education, and facilitate their development to become active members of a diverse global society.
    The Knox County Schools Hearing Services Department serves students attending school in Knox County who are hearing impaired and deaf.

Our Team

  • Hearing Specialists
    Knox County Schools' Hearing Specialists provide services and support to students who are deaf and hard-of-hearing.These services are provided itinerantly to students from mainstream general education through self-contained classes.Services include auditory training, academic support, speech/language therapy, and facilitating communication for students. Pictured below from left to right are Nicole Morton, Kiki Lee, Mary Claire Clark, Tobie Keown, (Allyson Dowell  and Tonya Lee not pictured).
    Nicole Morton   Kiki Lee   Mary Claire Clark     Tobie Keown
    Certified audiologists provide audiological management of hearing-impaired students (including FM Systems), hearing aid troubleshooting, in-services for staff, represent at student IEP meetings and coordinate with outside agencies. Pictured below is Aimee Biddle, (Kristi Walden and Mary Kate Martin not pictured).
    Aimee Biddle     
    Trained technicians work in teams to provide system-wide hearing screening. Knox County Schools provide mass screening of preschool, kindergarten, second, and fourth-grade students. Pictured below from left to right are Liz Wheeler, Keona Keeble, Kristin Everling and Kim Cathey.
    Liz Wheeler    Keona Keeble   Kristin Everling  Kim Cathey
    Educational interpreters facilitate communication for students that are deaf or hard-of-hearing in academic and non-academic settings. Interpreters will demonstrate the ability to expressively interpret classroom content and discourse and the ability to receptively interpret student or teen sign language. A trained TypeWell transcriber captures academic and non-academic discussion using advanced abbreviation software. The student simultaneously sees the transcript. It can be easily printed or saved to utilize as a study tool. Pictured below from left to right are Stephanie Bailey, Gwendolyn Headrick, Donya Walker, Rorri Miller, (Heather Murray, Maddie Andre and Rebecka Balderston not pictured).
    Stephanie Bailey     Gwendolyn Headrick     Donya Walker   Rorri Miller   

Hearing Services Contact

    Hearing and Vision Services
    Mollie Seay Program Supervisor- mollie.seay@knoxschools.org
    Carol Gillespie Administrative Secretary- carol.gillespie@knoxschools.org
    Hearing and Vision Services Address:
    8109 Beaver Ridge Road
    Knoxville, TN 37931
    865-539-3046 Office
    865-539-3039 Hearing Fax
    865-539-3058 Vision Fax

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