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2020-2021 Unscheduled In-Service Program Guidelines

  • Certified Personnel

    Certified personnel (excluding 242 & 255-day contracts) have twelve (12) unscheduled in-service hours included in the employment agreement.  These teacher-selected hours are equivalent to two days of contractual obligation.  Unscheduled in-service hours may be earned through any combination of building-level or system-provided activities.  Each employee shall maintain a record of his/her accumulated in-service hours under the direction of his/her principal or immediate supervisor. All eligible activities shall be recorded on the teacher’s electronic transcript, which shall serve as the official record of completed activities.  It shall be the employee’s responsibility to record activities immediately upon completion. “Out-of-district” credit for unscheduled in-service activities MUST be approved by the building-level principal and appropriate supervisor PRIOR to completion of the activity.  All activities must occur between May 1, 2020 and April 30, 2021 and must be recorded on the electronic transcript no later than 11:59 p.m. on April 30, 2021.

    Certified employees are also required to document six (6) parent contact hours.  Principals or supervisors will determine the appropriate procedure for documenting parent contact hours.

     It is the responsibility of the employee to regularly monitor his/her My Learning Plan transcript for accuracy.


    Classified Personnel

     Classified personnel (excluding 242 & 255-day contracts) are required to earn a total of 18 unscheduled in-service hours as determined by the building-level administrator and/or department supervisor/director. The principal or immediate supervisor will establish a procedure to propose, approve and/or review the employee’s eligible activities for creditClassified employees should consider school and district instructional priorities as well as relevance to job assignment when engaging in professional learning activities.    Classified employees who would like to receive credit for an activity out of our district must receive prior approval from the appropriate principal, supervisors, and/or director.

    It is the responsibility of the employee to regularly monitor his/her My Learning Plan transcript for accuracy.


    Click here for more detailed information:  2020-2021 Unscheduled In-service Guidelines



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