About the Teacher Advisory Council

  • Purpose:

    To provide an important voice for educators in the district’s decision-making process, and to provide the Superintendent with teachers’ insights, suggestions and perspectives on critical educational issues. The Teacher Advisory Council (TAC) will enable better educational and administrative decisions, and, ultimately, lead to greater student learning and success.



    21 Members (20 teachers / 1 Assistant Principal). Participation ideally will include representation from classroom teachers in early elementary, upper elementary, middle school and high school, as well as representation from the arts, library, special education, Career and Technical Education, and, if possible, a school counselor.



    Members will be selected to serve one-year terms that can be renewed up to two additional years. Membership will rotate so that roughly one-third of council members will roll off each year while two-thirds remain. For the 2016-2017 school year only, some members who have already served three years were retained to maintain stability in the system due to the placement of an Interim Superintendent.



    The inaugural TAC was composed of educators recommended to the Superintendent. Currently, members of the TAC are selected through a nomination process open to all schools. Nominations are considered and new members are chosen by a selection council composed of current members of the TAC. Educators can be considered for membership through nomination by their principal, self-nomination, and/or continuation from the previous year. Interested educators will be asked to complete a short application, including providing biographical information and a very brief statement as to why they wish to serve on the TAC.



    The Teacher Advisory Council generally meets monthly during the school year. Typically, a rough agenda will be developed and disseminated in advance. Agendas may be modified to address topics as they arise, or to adjust for time constraints. The Superintendent or his designee will serve as facilitator of the discussion.



    • Members will attend and actively participate in all TAC meetings. It is understood that circumstances occasionally arise where a member will be unable to attend a meeting, however, members who miss more than two meetings in a single year will not be reappointed in the following year. 
    • Members are expected to be candid and forthright, but also professional, courteous, and solution-oriented.
    • Members are expected to solicit input and feedback from colleagues to inform and enrich the dialogue.
    • Notes from the meetings will be taken and posted online, generally within two weeks of the meeting.