• KCS Educator Preparation Program

    If you are a new CTE teacher, one of your requirements for licensure is to enroll in an EPP to acquire necessary knowledge and skills to be successful in the classroom. If you are hired by a school in the TN East Core Region as a fulltime teacher of record, you are invited to apply for our program. We offer both an Occupational and Academic CTE program track.

Application Process

  • 1. Please complete this non-binding Interest Survey if you want to be considered for the upcoming school year's cohort. We will contact you with further information.

    2. Once you know that you want to enroll in the KCS EPP, please complete this Application Form (in addition to the interest survey).

    3. You will be invited to an interview/meeting where we go over key points of the program and complete some necessary paperwork.

    4. If accepted into the EPP, you will receive a written notice about your enrollment and may choose the 'KCS EPP' as your educator provider program in TNCompass.

    5. The KCS EPP will work closely with your district's administration (CTE, HR) in matters around hiring and initial licensure. Regarding payment of the program fee, the KCS EPP will directly bill your district. Each district then may have different procedures in place to charge you, so please contact your administration about that.

    6. You start with us! The coursework for new cohorts always starts with five days of Intensive Induction at the end of July every year. All five days are in person and attendance is required.

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Information on Licensure

  • If you are new to teaching, especially coming straight out of industry and pursuing teaching as a second career, you will find the answer to many of your licensure questions as well as needed forms on this TN Department of Education website. Choose the drop-down under 'Practitioner Occupational License' or - for Academic CTE - 'Practitioner Teacher License'.

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