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    Field Placement Registration Process

    Fall Registration begins April 1st
    Spring Registration begins October 1st.

    To begin the process of securing a placement within our district, all students are required to complete the following steps:

    Step 1: Complete the Google Form to receive additional information

    • Prospective field placement students must complete the registration using the link below.  Please read all information carefully, as failure to complete specific requirements within the time limit may result in you being unable to fulfill your placement responsibilities with KCS or hamper any possible future employment.
    • Once you complete the Google Form, you will receive an email from KCS outlining the next steps in the process of securing a placment in our schools.  Emails will be sent out to registered students every Monday and Wednesday.  Once you receive your email, you will have a very limited time to complete your requirements.  Please keep this in mind as you complete the registration below.

    KCS Field Placement Online Registration Form

    Step 2: Drug Screening (to be completed by student teachers, interns, social worker, school counselor, health services placements only)

    Once your online registration form has been submitted, you will receive information regarding your drug test in the email from KCS.  If your email does not contain any drug testing documentation, you are not currently required to submit to drug testing based on your placement type.

    • All student teachers, interns, social worker, school counselor, and health services placements with Knox County Schools are required to complete a drug screening BEFORE they can report to their placement site.
    • Your drug screening must be completed within 48 hours of receiving your paperwork.  The paperwork will contain an expiration date of when the drug test must be completed by. (This paperwork will be sent via email either Mondays or Wednesdays once you complete the registration  form)
    • If you do not complete your drug screening within this window, you will not be eligible for placement within our district for ONE YEAR.
    • Please be advised: if you leave the drug testing facility for any reason, or are unable to produce a specimen on the day you report for your screening, you will not be permitted to conduct another drug screening on another day.
    • If there is an issue with your test, you will be contacted by the drug testing center directly.  Please be aware of any phone calls/voicemails you may receive in the few days after you submit to the test.
    • The cost of the drug screening is $58 and is the responsibility of each student.


    Step 3: Background Check

    All field placements within KCS will be vetted through several agencies to complete their background check.

    Step 4: Verification

    Once we have received your drug screening results and background check information, we will notify you via email that you have been cleared to start your placement.  You should not report to the school until you receive an email from KCS letting you know you have been cleared to begin.

    For questions, please feel free to reach out to us at (865) 594-1929.