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    Student Teaching & Internship Registration Process

    To begin the process of securing a student teaching or internship placement with our district, all students are required to complete the following steps:

    Step 1: Online Registration Form

    • Prospective student teachers must complete the KCS Student Teaching & Internship Online Registration Form.
    • The online form requires general student information, school placement information, and the KCS Student Teaching Acknowledgements.
    • Please refrain from completing the online registration form, until your clinical placement and cooperating teacher have been confirmed and verified by your university placement coordinator (you will be asked to include this information on your online registration form).

    Students requiring multiple placement sites will need to register for placement at each site by completing the above-referenced form for each site where a placement has been confirmed and secured. Placement at multiple sites cannot be verified by submitting only one online registration form, at this time.

    • Fall Placement (September – December) - For students planning to student teach in the Fall, the registration period is open from April 1st to June 1st.
    • Spring Placement (January –May) - For Students planning to student teach in the Spring, the registration period is open from September 1st to October 31st.
    • Internship Placement (Full Year) - Full-year internships must begin in the Fall. The internship registration period is open from April 1st to June 1st. 

    Step 2: Drug Screening

    Once your online registration form has been submitted, you will need to complete your drug screening.

    • All student teachers and interns with Knox County Schools are required to complete a drug screening BEFORE they can report to their placement site.
    • Your drug screening must be completed within 48 hours of receiving your paperwork and will be time-stamped.
    • If you do not complete your drug screening within this window, you will not be eligible for placement with our district for ONE YEAR.
    • Please be advised: if you leave the drug testing facility for any reason, or are unable to produce a specimen on the day you report for your screening, you will not be permitted to conduct another drug screening on another day.
    • The cost of the drug screening is $58 and is the responsibility of each student.

    All Students: 

    • Your placement coordinator can provide you with the required background check paperwork. You can complete this paperwork in advance and bring it with you, or you can visit our district to pick up your paperwork. 
    • You will need to report to our district office to receive your drug screening paperwork. Drug screening paperwork is timestamped when you pick it up. You will have 48 hours to complete the screening.
    • A government-issued photo ID is required to receive your drug screening paperwork.

    District Offices:

    • Our district offices are located at the Andrew Johnson Building at 912 South Gay Street. The Human Resources Department is located on the 15th Floor. 
    • Please contact our office at (865) 594-1929 to set up an appointment to pick up your paperwork.
    • You will need to sign in at the security desk on the lobby level before being buzzed up to our floor.
    • Parking is available in a variety of lots downtown and metered parking is available on the streets surrounding our building. Parking validation is NOT provided.

    Step 3: Background Check

    Once your drug screening results have been received we will conduct a background check with a variety of local agencies.

    Step 4: Verification

    Once we have received your drug screening results and background check information, we will verify your placement request with the school and administrator indicated on your registration form. In the event that your request form is incomplete or your background or drug screenings come back in error, you will be notified via email.