FY 2011-2012 Budget Overview

  • From the Superintendent's Budget Memo... 
    "The coming year’s budget will once again offer great challenges due to increasing expenditure obligations coupled with limited revenue growth. I am recommending a budget that will reflect reductions in many non-instructional areas in order to address the fixed increases in our operating costs, all while maximizing our investment in the classroom. We continue to review our spending to ensure that we are matching our limited resources to our greatest instructional priorities. I believe this is a budget proposal that enables and supports our educational mission and strategic plan, while recognizing our limited financial means.

    Revenue collection trends and economic indicators are not as bleak as they have been in the past two fiscal years. However, while indications are that the economic outlook is improving to some degree, revenues have not begun to approach the growth levels we experienced in the more robust economy of just three or four years ago. Based on this environment and the Governor’s stated commitment to maintain education funding, we believe we can project a very modest increase in BEP funding as well as in local revenue based on a slight growth in sales and property tax collections.

    This general fund budget proposal totals $384.67 million, which is a 1.3% increase over the FY2011 budget. This preliminary financial plan acknowledges our fiscal constraints, while supporting and maintaining key instructional investments, and also seeking to focus and align our resources around our most important educational priorities."