FY20 Budget Overview

  • Knox County Schools has released its fiscal year 2020 general fund budget.

    The $506,652,000 budget represents an increase of $21,584,000, or 4.4 percent, over the current budget. It has been developed in alignment to the priorities and goals of the district’s Strategic Plan, including a focus on increasing student achievement, eliminating disparities and creating a positive culture. This is the foundation that has guided the district’s decision-making and resource allocation.

    The budget includes the following highlights:

    • Increasing teacher and staff compensation ($16.1 million) - The district has made it a priority to improve compensation for teachers, support personnel and staff. This budget includes an amount equivalent to a 3.5 percent base salary increase for certified and classified staff, as well as eligible step increases. The proposed increase would be the largest given in more than a decade.
    • Providing resources for academically at-risk schools and literacy support ($4.6 million) - The district has made a continued commitment to support initiatives that help prepare students for success. This budget includes instructional support for literacy, a college and career readiness assessment plan and extended school days or additional professional development for academically at-risk schools.
    • Staff additions for critical student needs ($5.2 million) - The district has made a pledge to eliminate disparities in academic and discipline outcomes. To accommodate a student population that is more diverse and more at-risk, this budget provides additional English-language learners (ELL) and special education teachers, as well as school nurses, to better serve their needs.
    • Budgetary savings ($3.3 million) - The district has made an effort to be fiscally responsible. This budget identifies several opportunities for cost savings through departmental budget reductions and efficiencies, utilizing established district staffing ratios, and an early retirement incentive, including three central office supervisory positions.

    Additionally, the district’s five-year capital budget addresses several capital priorities including a new elementary school for Adrian Burnett Elementary, a new elementary school for Lonsdale Elementary and a new elementary school in Northwest Knox County.

    While the State’s initial BEP estimate represents less of an increase than in prior years, the district is expected to benefit from favorable sales tax revenue trends and no increase to health insurance premiums. This has helped to offset some of the budgetary pressures in FY20.

    “We have worked to develop a thoughtful and balanced budget that includes key investments aligned with the district’s goals and objectives and represents the type of strong fiscal management that is expected of us as referenced in our Strategic Plan,” Superintendent Bob Thomas said. “We believe this budget builds on our commitment to provide the best educational opportunities possible for all students.”

FY20 Community Budget Meeting

FY20 Budget Introduction

  • Knox County Schools has released its general operating budget for fiscal year 2020 (FY20). It will be presented to the Board of Education in April 2019.
    The FY20 budget must be approved by Knox County Commission.
    The Knox County Board of Education is responsible for developing a balanced budget and for determining how funds within the budget are to be utilized to meet the Board of Education's goals. The Board has no power to change funding sources or amounts.

    Knox County Commission determines the final funding amount for the Knox County Board of Education as part of the overall Knox County budget but does not determine how the funds will be utilized. Knox County Commission has the power to change funding sources or amounts.