Curriculum Overview


    Third Grade Math

    The Knox County Schools Mathematics program implements a comprehensive, research-based approach to learning mathematics. Our curriculum is carefully aligned with the
    Tennessee State Standards For Mathematics.  



    In grade three, students will continue to build their concept of numbers, developing an understanding of fractions as numbers. They will learn the concepts behind multiplication and division and apply problem-solving skills and strategies for multiplying and dividing numbers through 100 to solve word problems. Students will also make connections between the concept of the area of a rectangle and multiplication and addition of whole numbers. Activities in these areas will include:
    • Understanding and explaining what it means to multiply or divide numbers
    • Multiplying all one-digit numbers from memory (fact fluency through 100)
    • Multiplying one-digit numbers by multiples of 10 (such as 20, 30, 40)
    • Solving two-step word problems using addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division
    • Understanding the concept of area
    • Relating the measurement of area to multiplication and division
    • Understanding fractions as numbers
    • Understanding and identifying a fraction as a number on a number line
    • Comparing the size of two fractions
    • Expressing whole numbers as fractions and identifying fractions that are equal to whole numbers (for example, recognizing that 3⁄1 and 3 are the same number)
    • Measuring weights and volumes and solving word problems involving these measurements
    • Representing and interpreting data

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