Seventh Grade Mathematics Curriculum Overview

  • The Knox County Schools Mathematics program implements a comprehensive, research-based approach to learning mathematics.  Our curriculum is carefully aligned with the Tennessee State Standards for Mathematics.


    7th Grade Mathematics extends students’ understanding of the mathematical processes of problem solving, communication, and reasoning. Students continue to build a foundation for algebra by solving equations with positive and negative rational numbers. They apply their knowledge of integers to graph and identify points on the coordinate system. They create and interpret graphs using function rules and ordered pairs. Students identify slope of a line as a unit rate. Other areas of focus include proportional reasoning, data analysis and various representations of data.  

     Unit Topics will include:
    • Scale Drawings
    • Introducing Proportional Relationships
    • Measuring Circles
    • Proportional Relationships and Percentages
    • Rational Number Arithmetic
    • Expressions, Equations, and Inequalities
    • Angles, Triangles, and Prisms
    • Probability and Sampling



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