• Curriculum Overview


    First Grade

    The Knox County Schools Mathematics program implements a comprehensive, research-based approach to learning mathematics. Our curriculum is carefully aligned with the Tennessee State Standards For Mathematics.



    In grade one, students will work with whole numbers and place value—including grouping numbers into tens and ones as they learn to add and subtract through 20, demonstrating fluency with facts through 20. Students will also use charts, tables, and diagrams to solve problems. Activities in these areas will include:
    • Understanding the rules of addition and subtraction (for example 5+2=2+5)
    • Quickly and accurately adding numbers together that total up to 10 or less and subtracting from numbers up through 10
    • Solving word problems that involve adding or subtracting numbers up through 20
    • Understanding what the value of each digit in two-digit numbers (place value)
    • Comparing two-digit numbers using the symbols > (more than), = (equal to), and < (less than)
    • Understanding the meaning of the equal sign (=) and determining if statements involving addition and subtraction are true or false (for example, which of the following statements are true? 3+3=6, 4+1=5+2)
    • Adding one- and two-digit numbers together
    • Measuring the lengths of objects using a shorter object as a unit of length
    • Putting objects in order from longest to shortest or shortest to longest
    • Organizing objects into categories and comparing the number of objects in different categories
    • Dividing circles and rectangles into halves and quarters

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