Sick Bank Information

  • What is the Sick Bank?
    Sick Bank provides additional sick leave days to members who have suffered a major personal illness, injury, disability or quarantine and whose personal leave, sick leave, compensatory time and vacation leave has been exhausted. The sick bank is different for certified and classified employees.

    How do Employees join the Sick Bank?
    An employee must deposit 3 sick leave days upon enrollment. Employees are also subject to additional assessments of 1-3 days voted upon and approved by the Sick Bank Committee.

    When can Employees join the Sick Bank?
    An employee may join the Sick Bank during Open Enrollment (the months of August, September and October). Enrollment forms are available from the Benefits & Employee Relations Department for both classified and certified employees.

    How do Employees get days if they are eligible?
    Employees must submit a Sick Bank Request form and a Sick Leave Bank Physician Statement before they can be granted days. The forms should be sent to Alice Sims in the Benefits & Employee Relations Office for certified and classified employees.