• Certified Retirement Incentive FAQ:

    1. Am I eligible?

    In order to be eligible, an employee must:

    • be active as of 11/19/2018
    • eligible to retire from TCRS, and
    • have at least 10 years of service with KCS.

    All employees that accept the CRI plan must apply for a TCRS benefit immediately following their retirement date.

    1. How do I find out if I am eligible?

    An email was sent to all eligible employees from Scott Bolton on 11/19/2018.  Eligible employees will also receive the same documents by US mail.

    1. What if I think I am eligible, but I have not been notified?

    Employees that believe that meet the CRI Plan eligibility requirements but did not received the email should notify Scott Bolton (scott.bolton@knoxschools.org) and Mike Atkins (mike.atkins@knoxschools.org) via email before 11/30/2018.  They will look at the specifics of your employee history and service with TCRS to determine your eligibility. 

    1. How will I receive the incentive money?

    The stipend will be paid approximately the last business day of each month.

    1. How much is the incentive?

    The amount this year is $344.85 per month.  This amount will change as premiums may change.

    1. Do I pay taxes on the incentive amount?

    This stipend is subject to Federal Withholdings however it is not subject to Social Security FICA taxes.

    1. Will my regular insurance amount come out of my TCRS check?

    If you continue your insurance with us in retirement, then your premium will be taken from your TCRS check.

    1. How long will I get the incentive amount?

    You will receive a stipend each month for at least one year (until you are eligible for Medicare), but not to exceed 14 years of payments.

    1. If I die, will the incentive end?

    The benefit will be paid to your estate in the unfortunate event of your death for the length of time promised. 


    1. Is the incentive just offered for this year only?

    Yes, this incentive is only for this school year.

    1. If I retired last year, am I eligible?

    Unfortunately, you have to be active on 11/19/2018 to be eligible.  If you retired or resigned prior to that date, then you would not be eligible.