• Knox County Government

    Certified Retirement Incentive Plan (CRIP) Overview


    • Program is voluntary


    • Eligibility
      1. Actively employed fulltime by the County on November 19, 2018
      2. Have 10 or more years of Knox County Schools Service (As Defined by Tennessee Consolidated Retirement System Be eligible and apply for either a Service Retirement, Early Service Retirement, or 25-year retirement TCRS benefit).


    • Benefits
      1. A stipend to be paid in the amount of the Teacher Retiree Monthly Health Premium for a teacher with at least 30 years of service until the retiree’s Medicare eligibility, for at least one year but not to exceed 14 years of payments. If the retiree’s age is greater than 65, the retiree will received the benefit for 12 months.  This year the amount is $344.85 per month, and will begin sometime after 6/30/2019 and a month after the retiree’s active contract is paid out.


    • Other
      1. Employees that elect to suspend their TCRS benefit and return to work in a full time capacity will forfeit the previously mentioned benefit.
      2. CRI Plan packets will be mailed to all eligible employees on November 19, 2018.
      3. Interested employees must submit application plus Waiver and Release form, by mail or in person, by January 18, 2019
      4. If you change your mind, must occur by January 25, 2019
      5. The Director of Employee Benefits will review each individual to confirm eligibility.





        Announce CRI Plan and submit materials to eligible employees through Department Heads/Elected Officials

        November 19, 2018

        Conduct meetings regarding CRI Plan

        November 19, 2018-January 18, 2019

        Deadline to submit CRI Plan application and the Waiver and Release forms

        January 18, 2018

        Deadline to withdraw CRI Plan application letter

        January 25, 2019

        Notice of acceptance/rejection to the employee

        February 1, 2019