Occupational & Physical Therapy Services

    Our Mission

    The Occupational and Physical Therapy Department of Knox County Schools, as a related service, provides students identified with special needs, professional individualized educationally-based evaluations and interventions. Through education, collaboration and communication with all team members, we strive to:

    • Foster the student’s functional independence
    • Respectfully acknowledge and validate each student’s unique strengths, needs and desires; and
    • Practice professional excellence in a dynamic environment.

    As part of the educational team, our goal is to contribute to the student’s positive transition into adult life.

    Our Beliefs

    The Occupational and Physical Therapy Department, as a related service, believes our role is to:

    • Foster the student’s potential for functional independence and learning so they may successfully transition into adulthood.
    • Provide students identified with special needs with educationally based therapeutic interventions.
    • Respectfully acknowledge and validate that each student has unique strengths, needs and desires.
    • Educate, collaborate and communicate with all stakeholders (parents, students, teachers, administrators, support staff, community, etc.) regarding the student’s unique needs from an Occupational and Physical Therapy perspective.
    • Maintain professional excellence in an ever-changing dynamic environment.
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Occupational and Physical Therapy Contact

  • Summer Tucker


    Summer Tucker, MA, CCC-SLP

    Special Education Supervisor
    UT Building
    3rd Floor 
    (865) 594-1565 Office
    Administrative Assistant
    Carol Gillespie
    UT Building
    3rd Floor
    (865) 594-1565
    Regina Jenkins  


    Regina Jenkins 

    Occupational and Physical Therapy Facilitator

    2036 Bethel Ave
    (865) 594-4449 Office
    Administrative Assistant
    Debbie Henderson 
    2036 Bethel Ave
    (865) 594-4449 Office