• Special Education Mentor Coach Program

    The mission of the Special Education Mentor Coach program is to facilitate novice and veteran special education teachers’ growth in professional ethics, teaching responsibilities, and specific programming knowledge within a supportive, individualized framework and with the ultimate goal of increasing student achievement and teacher success.  

    Our Beliefs

    The role of the Special Education Mentor Coach is to:

    • Promote the development and retention of quality special education teachers.
    • Support all special education teachers by providing individualized training in all aspects of their responsibilities as a special education teacher.
    • Ensure that teachers utilize the best teaching practices, scientifically researched-based materials, and effective classroom management procedures.

    Important Links

    The above link provides additional links to special education documents, forms, training PowerPoints, progress monitoring tools, student behavior, TBI, and other relevant information for KCS teachers. For further assistance, please contact us at the following number: 1-865-594-1222

    Getting Started with EdPlan


    District Learning Day Presentations

    Slides: DLD - New Document Management Process

    Video: https://youtu.be/htfjlMHtahY

    Slides: EdPlan Summer Updates

    Video: https://youtu.be/7hFMXa0zzN0




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Special Education Mentor Coaches

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  •   Special Education

       Mentor Coaches 

             Amanda Barber
         Amanda Barber
                 Karah DePue
          Karah DePue  
                Carolyn Hamm
          CAROLYN HAMM 
               Emily McSpadden
                Angela Williams