• Transfer Terms, Priorities, General Conditions

    Note: this information is also found on the back of the printed transfer and on the second page of the download form.


    The term “base school” means the school located in the parent’s or guardian’s school zone of residence where the student is required to attend unless a transfer is granted.

    The term “receiving school” means the school to which a transfer is requested or granted.

    An “out-of-zone student” is a student who attends a school that is not his or her base school.

    The term “sibling” is a brother, sister, half-brother, half-sister, stepbrother, stepsister, or foster child living in the same household

    Lottery-Style” is the electronic process which will be used to assign each transfer application a number for selecting students to be transferred. School assignments will be made in the order of the assigned numbers within certain priorities based on seats available. For determining seats available at schools, KCS will use grade clusters of: Grades K-3, Grades 4-5, Grade 6, Grades 7-8, and Grades 9-12.

    Transfer Application

    Application – Only the student’s parent or guardian may apply for a transfer on behalf of the student. The Director of Schools has established a transfer procedure that will provide transparent and equitable opportunity for transfer to all applicants. If an application is not made at the proper time, or is denied, students shall report to their base school at the beginning of the new school year.


    The order of priorities shall be: 

    1. Teacher’s Children at the school in which they teach (per Tennessee Code Annotated)
    2. Employees (Board Policy and Procedure J-152)
    3. Sibling of a currently enrolled student (Board Policy and Procedure J-152)
    4. Continuation in Project GRAD (Board Policy and Procedure J-152)
    5. Academic Program of Study (Board Policy and Procedure J-152)
    6. Others in Knox County (Board Policy and Procedure J-152)
    7. Out-of-County (After all Knox County students have been assigned)(Board Policy and Procedure J-152)


    General Conditions

    Transportation – Transportation will not be provided by Knox County Board of Education. Unless so stated, transportation shall be the responsibility of the parents, guardians or students.

    Available Capacity – All transfers are subject to limitations of available capacity. Determinations of capacity will take into consideration physical space available, program offerings and the staffing level established under the school system staffing model.

    Wrongful Transfer or Enrollment – Any out-of-zone zone or out-of-district student in grades 6-12 found to be enrolled in or attending a school other than their base school without an approved transfer shall be returned to the appropriate base school at the end of the semester in which the violation is discovered. Students in grades K-5 shall return to their base school at the end of the nine week grading period in which the violation was discovered. If the wrongful transfer or enrollment is believed to have been a willful action on the part of a parent or guardian, the Director of Schools may pursue action under the provisions of the Tennessee Code Annotated.

    Duration – Approved general transfers are generally effective through the terminal grade of the school to which the student is assigned. Students granted transfers will be expected to maintain an appropriate academic, disciplinary and attendance record at the receiving school. If a student does not meet these expectations, the principal of the receiving school may request that the transfer be revoked and the student be returned to the base school. The Director of Schools or his designee shall review, and approve or deny any principal’s request to revoke a student transfer. Students who are directed to return to their base school shall do so at the end of the semester, unless the Director of Schools determines it is in the best interest of the student and/or the school system to do otherwise.

    Appeal – The school system’s decision in the selection of request school for students applying for Magnet or courses not offered in their base school are not appealable. Parents/guardians may appeal all other transfer decisions to school officials in the following order:

    1. Supervisor of Enrollment
    2. Appeals Committee
    3. Director of Schools
    4. Knox County Board of Education

    TSSAA Restrictions
    – Students who participate in TSSAA governed sports and transfer may lose athletic eligibility for one year.