• Transfers FAQs

    What are the priorities for granting transfers?

    Once an application has been verified, all requests for general transfer will be electronically assigned a number using a lottery-style process. School assignment will be made in order of the assigned number within the ordered priorities listed below:

    1. By teachers to transfer their child to the school in which they teach
    2. By contract employee for their children
    3. For entry into a Magnet School or to continue in the magnet school feeder program
    4. For continuation in the Project GRAD program 
    5. For the pursuit of an academic course of study. Transfers based on an academic course of study will be considered only for a complete course of study such as two, three or four-year program of study that is not available at a base school or where the base school is unable to offer a comparable course of study. Transfers requested for a single class do not constitute a complete course of study and will be handled as a general transfer request
    6. For students who have a sibling presently enrolled at the requested school who will continue to be enrolled in the year the requested transfer is effective. For purposes of transfers, a sibling is defined as a brother, sister, half-brother, half-sister, stepbrother, stepsister, or foster child living in the same household
    7. For students not meeting any of the above criteria
    8. Out of district students


    Can I Apply for a Transfer After This General Transfer Window?

    Parents or guardians of students changing residence or family status or moving into Knox County after this application period may apply for transfer during the summer transfer window. Please call the Transfers/Enrollment Office at 865-594-1502 for more information.

    For How Long is the Transfer Good?

    A transfer is good through the terminal grade of the school to which the transfer was granted. For example, a transfer to an elementary school will be good through grade five and a transfer to a middle school will be good through grade eight. However, student transfers may be revoked due to grades, attendance and/or behavior issues.

    Is Transportation Provided for Students Granted a Transfer?

    No. Transportation is not provided for transferring students unless the transfer approval specifically states that transportation will be provided by Knox County Schools.

    When Can I Apply for a Transfer?

    General transfers must be requested during one of the annually established periods. Period one shall begin on the first business day of October and end on the Tuesday following President’s Day. Period two shall begin on the first business day of May and end on the first business day in July. Parents or guardians of students changing residence or family status after the general transfer application periods have concluded may apply for a transfer to the Office of the Supervisor of Enrollment. If an application is not made at the proper time or is denied, students shall report to their base school at the beginning of the new school year.

    Note: Transfers are requested during the school year prior to the transfer year. For instance, a student wishing to obtain a transfer to attend a particular high school as a 9th grader would apply during the transfer windows that open during the student's eighth grade school year.

    Where Do I Get a Transfer Application?

    1. Complete an online transfer request here.
    2. Download Knox County pdf Form AD-102.
    3. Pick up a form at any school.


    When Will I Find Out if my Transfer Request has been Granted?

    Official notification of the status of a transfer request will be made in hard copy format through the U. S. Mail. Official notification will be made no later than six weeks after the transfer window closes.

    If I Have Questions, to Whom Should I Direct Them?

    To the Knox County Schools Transfers/Enrollment Office at 594-1502.