• After You Travel

    Employees who have traveled on behalf of Knox County Schools must create an expense report in Concur associated with the request they entered prior to travel.  Employees must complete an expense report even where no reimbursement is payable to them.

    CONCUR LogoCreating a New Expense Report

    Employees should complete their expense report within 30 days from return of trip to avoid specific tax reporting issues. Refer to the attached document for completing and submitting your expense report.

    » Creating & Submitting an Expense Report

    Documentation Requirements

    When submitting reimbursements, you will need to attach certain supporting documentation. The Concur Travel Authorization with audit trail must be printed and attached. An explanation should be made for any unusual circumstance or expense that is being claimed. The guide below will help you determine what additional items, including receipts, invoices, or proofs of payment you need to submit to be reimbursed in a timely manner.

    » Required Supporting Documentation

    Electronic workflows are established in CONCUR that will notify the employee's direct supervisor that a request has been submitted. Managers should review and approve employee's request for reimbursement via the CONCUR system.

    » Approving an Expense Report