• Before You Travel

    CONCUR LogoManaging Your SAP CONCUR Profile

    Accessing CONCUR

    • All active, full-time employees will automatically have access to the Concur system via the Knox County Schools website under staff links.
    • Login using your KCS login credentials.
    • Part-time employees who travel or administer travel for others should notify the Business Services Department for access to the system.

    Verifying & Completing your CONCUR Profile

    Much of the personal information in Concur is populated from Munis. Information should be verified for accuracy. Contact your supervisor and work with HR/Payroll to correct pre-populated information if needed. Corrected information will be imported into the CONCUR system during the next nightly extract. To complete the process, additional items will need to be entered by the employee.

    » Verifying Personal Info In CONCUR

    Identifying Delegates and Travel Assistants

    On your employee profile page, you have the option of authorizing other individuals to act on your behalf. The individuals can be assigned the role of delegate and/or travel arranger. An individual can be assigned both roles.

    Using the Delegate feature, there is a permission that the manager can set up, “Can Preview for Approver.” The authorized individual could review request authorizations and expense reports submitted by the managers employee(s) before the manager approves.

    » Setting Up CONCUR Roles

    Activating Travel Apps & E-Receipts

    Knox County School system employees have access to several apps to aid in booking travel, keeping up with receipts, and managing their itinerary. They are optional, but are available for employee use at no cost.

    » Optional CONCUR Apps

    Local Travel

    Local travel is defined as related to recurring, routine mileage related to normal daily job duties. (e.g., driving from school to school on a daily basis). Both local and out-of-town travel must be submitted in CONCUR. However, the processes differ between the two. Local travel does not require completion of an authorization request. Employees eligible for local mileage reimbursement submit monthly expense reports in CONCUR using the built-in mapping program and submit to their manager for review and approval.

    » CONCUR Local Travel Mileage Reimbursement» CONCUR Local Travel Mobile App

    Travel Authorization – Out- of Town Travel Only

    Out-of-Town Travel (often called trip related or conference travel) is defined as atypical, non-recurring travel, and has different approval requirements. Knox County School system employees must prepare and submit their request in Concur. A separate request must be entered and approved for each trip. Electronic workflows are established in Concur that will notify the employees' direct supervisor that a request has been submitted. 

    Employees will receive notifications via email when their direct supervisor has approved the request. Once approval notification is received, an employee is authorized to book travel.

    Managers should review and approve accurate/completed request.

    » Creating a Travel Request» Approving Travel Request