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    Basic Information

    For eligible students who are entering Grades 6-8 in the fall, Knox County Schools will be offering a 4-week Learning Loss Summer Bridge Camp that will begin on June 1 and will run through June 28. This camp will include 6 hours of daily, in-person programming from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday-Friday, including:

    • 4 hours of reading and math instruction
    • 1 hour of intervention
    • 1 hour of physical activity


    Families who are eligible for the Summer Bridge Camp received a notification via email on March 10, 2021.

    Eligibility for this program is based on factors including individual student performance on state reading and math assessments; a student’s fall semester grades in math or reading / language arts; and economic challenges facing families.


    Additional Benefits

    The Summer Bridge Camp will be provided at no cost to families, and will include the following:

    • Bus transportation
    • Free breakfast and lunch meals
    • Pre- and post-camp testing to measure student progress

    All camps will adhere to the district’s current health-and-safety protocols for COVID-19.



    Eligible families received an enrollment link via email on March 22, and the deadline to enroll will be April 20.  Families whose students are eligible to participate also received a notification via email on March 10. Families will also be able to register at their student’s school.

    We are very pleased to offer this initiative, and we are encouraging all eligible families to participate.





    For more information, please contact your base school.