Vision Services

  • Our Mission
    The Knox County Schools speech-language, hearing, and vision personnel assess, identify, and program for students with communication and sensory disabilities. Our goal is to identify students' needs, support their education, and facilitate their development to become active members of a diverse global society.

Vision Services Contacts

  • Summer Tucker, MA, CCC-SLP

    Summer Tucker

    Special Education Supervisor



    Tamria Cameron

    Vision Services Secretaary



    Rita Edens

    Administrative Assistant



    Vision Specialists:

    Gretchen Hartmann

    Melanie Pendergraft

    Susan Merryman

    Romy Reed

    Lynn Shubin

    Aaron Taylor

    Mandi Taylor


    Orientation and Mobility Specialists:

    Jody Mackay

    Lauren Switzer 


    Amy Kouvas

    Janet French

    Vision Technicians:
    Suzanne Davis
    Crystal Pratt
    Amy Stambaugh
    Lisa Stephens
    Sherry Turpin
    Jude Wilson
    Rachel Zeringue