Applicable Federal/State Law

Administered in accordance with T.C.A §49-6-6001(b).

Purpose & Use

These exams are used to measure college readiness and HOPE scholarship eligibility for 11th graders.


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TDOE ACT-SAT webpage lists helpful resources for test administration and preparation

Administration Window
Senior Retake ACT: In school, Tuesday, October 1, 2019.
  • Participation is limited to seniors who previously took the ACT or seniors who missed the ACT during their junior year.
TN Statewide ACT Assessment: In school, Tuesday, March 31, 2020. This test administration will be open to all Juniors and also to Seniors who have never taken the ACT.
Students may also take the ACT on a national test date administered by ACT (at their own expense or with a qualifying fee waiver voucher). These test dates are listed at ACT Registration | Test Dates in the U.S., U.S. Territories, and Canada. 
Students may also take the SAT at a test center on the dates listed at US SAT Registration.
Length of Assessment
English: 45 minutes (75 questions)
Math: 60 minutes (60 questions)
Reading: 35 minutes (40 questions)
Science: 35 minutes (40 questions)
Writing: (optional) 30 minutes (1 prompt)
Reading: 65 minutes (52 questions)
Writing: 35 minutes (44 questions)
Math: 80 minutes (58 questions)
Essay: (optional) 50 minutes (1 prompt) 
Source for SAT information (SAT website)  
Results to Parents & Students
For ACT, student level reports are provided to student approximately three to eight weeks after the administration of the assessment by ACT.
For SAT, student-level reports are provided to students approximately three to eight weeks after the administration of the assessment by College Board. You may find information about the delivery of student level scores at SAT Scores
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