Kindergarten - The World Around Us

  • Kindergarten students will:
    • Build upon experiences in their families, schools, and communities as an introduction to social studies. 
    • Explore different traditions, customs, and cultures within their families, schools, and communities.
    • Identify basic needs and describe the ways families produce, consume, and exchange goods and services in their communities.
    • Demonstrate an understanding of the concept of location by using terms that communicate relative location.
    • Show where locations are on a globe.
    • Describe events in the past and in the present and begin to recognize that things change over time.
    • Understand that history describes events and people of other times and places. 
    • Identify important holidays, symbols, and individuals associated with Tennessee and the United States and why they are significant. 
    • Participate in a classroom that will serve as a model of society where decisions are made with a sense of individual responsibility and respect for the rules by which they live. 
    • Read stories that describe courage, respect, and responsible behavior

    Kindergarten State Standards


For Social Studies Staff