World History and Geography: The Industrial Revolution to the Contemporary World

  • World History and Geography students will:
    • Study the rise of the nation state in Europe, the French Revolution, and the economic and political roots of the modern world. 
    • Examine the origins and consequences of the Industrial Revolution, nineteenth century political reform in Western Europe, and imperialism in Africa, Asia, and South America.
    • Explain the causes and consequences of the great military and economic events of the past century, including the World Wars, the Great Depression, the Cold War, and the Russian and Chinese Revolutions.
    • Study the rise of nationalism and the continuing persistence of political, ethnic, and religious conflict in many parts of the world. 
    • Analyze relevant Tennessee connections, as well as appropriate primary source documents. 
    • Explore geographic influences on history, with attention given to political boundaries that developed with the evolution of nations from 1750 to the present   and the subsequent human geographic issues that dominate the global community. 
    • Study aspects of technical geography such as GPS and GIS, and how these innovations continuously impact geopolitics in the contemporary world.

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