• Regional Teacher Councils

    The Regional Teacher Councils (RTC) provide an important voice for educators in the district’s decision-making process, and to provide the Superintendent with teachers’ insights, suggestions and perspectives on critical educational issues. The RTC will enable better educational and administrative decisions, and, ultimately, lead to greater student learning and success.

  • Region One Members

Rachel Minardo

A.L. Lotts Elementary

Amy Cox

Bearden Elementary

Lauren Rosenbush

Blue Grass Elementary

Cristy Davis

Farragut Intermediate

Lindsey Alley

Farragut Primary

Ali Thompson

Northshore Elementary

Macy Mitchell

Pond Gap Elementary

Madeline Morgan

Rocky Hill Elementary

Hillary Hudson

Sequoyah Elementary

Kelly Boyd

West Hills Elementary

Amanda Garrett

West View Elementary

Corey Dugan

Bearden Middle

Antoinette Williams

West Valley Middle

Elizabeth Choi

Farragut Middle

Logan Peterson

Bearden High

Chris Hampton

Farragut High

Valerie Schmidt-Gardner

West High

Sarah Fortney

A.L. Lotts Elementary- At-large

Meghan Bennett

Northshore Elementary- At-large

Kelly Shanton

West Valley Middle - At-large

Jami Aylor

Bearden High - At-large

Laura Roberts

West High - At-large

    Region Three Members

Lauren Fevrier

Bonny Kate Elementary

Kim Sveska

Carter Elementary


Chilhowee Intermediate

Scarlett Hopkins

Dogwood Elementary

Bekah Parrot

East Knox County Elementary

Rebecca Ratledge

Gap Creek Elementary

Christina Chapman

Mooreland Heights Elementary

Stacy Davis

Mt. Olive Elementary

Randa Stinnett

New Hopewell Elementary

Susan Parker

South Knoxville Elementary

Ana Zambrana

Sunnyview Primary

Jason France

Carter Middle

Jeremy Lorenz

South-Doyle Middle

Heather Wade

Carter High

Kimberley Nixon

South-Doyle High

Jamie Scott


Stephen Blythe


Beth Sewell

Paul Kelley

Laurie Griffin

Carter Elementary- At-large

Brandi Carr

Cedar Bluff Middle - At-large

Jani Chollman

Carter High - At-large

Daniel Owen

South-Doyle High - At-large

    Region Five Members

Shelby Prince

Fair Garden

Emily Saunders Hooie

Beaumont Magnet

Jaime Ogle

Green Magnet

Adrienne Toro

Lonsdale Elementary

Anitra Selmon

Maynard Elementary

Megan Wallace

Sarah Moore Greene

Olivia Cates

Belle Morris Elementary

Tarah Kaczewski

Virtual Elementary

David Newvine

Virtual Middle/HS

Linda Holtzclaw

Holston Middle

Sonya Kyle

Vine Middle

Michelle Gardner

Whittle Springs Middle

Michele Genova

Christenberry Elementary

Sarah Edge

Austin-East Magnet

Chris Ottinger

Fulton High

Tiffany Holmes

Lonsdale Elementary- At-large

Dr. Thomas "T.J." Eubanks

Sarah Moore Greene - At-large

Mitchel McGill

Virtual Middle/HS - At-large
  • Region Two Members

Emily Spangler

Amherst Elementary

Jennifer Manges

Ball Camp Elementary

Kristen Creswell

Cedar Bluff Elementary

Chelse Gillis

Hardin Valley Elementary

Kristin Rayment

Karns Elementary

Kelli Boling

Norwood Elementary

Julie Leathers

Pleasant Ridge Elementary

Lee Doane

Powell Elementary

Maya Pickett

West Haven Elementary

Kristi Bailey

Cedar Bluff Middle

Jill Nelson

Hardin Valley Middle

Jordyn Horner

Karns Middle

Mary Allen

Northwest Middle

Nicole Magee

Powell Middle

Ronnah McClure


Laura Shands

Hardin Valley Academy

Anne Hudnall

Karns High

Kristi Jeffers

Powell High

Laurie Smith

Cedar Bluff Elementary- At-large

Karen Smith

Cedar Bluff Middle - At-large

Ani Roma

Hardin Valley Middle - At-large

Rachel Monday

Karns High - At-large

    Region Four Members

Christina Leeth

Adrian Burnett Elementary

Korry Allen

Brickey-McCloud Elementary

Constance Henley

Copper Ridge Elementary

Melissa Biggs

Corryton Elementary

Victoria Pena

Fort Sanders

Sherry Sakhleh

Fountain City Elementary

Julie Long

Gibbs Elementary

Alyssa Lane

Halls Elementary

Kara Townsend

Inskip Elementary

Chris Douglass

Ritta Elementary

Maegan Lay

Shannondale Elementary

Heather Presley

Sterchi Elementary

Shanda Anderson

Gibbs Middle

Jade Jernigan

Gresham Middle

Caleb Horner

Halls Middle

Abby Ketron


Andrea Turner

Central High

Jennifer Williams

Gibbs High

Laura Whittington

Halls High

Jesse Horton

Richard Yoakley

Cheri Siler

Adrian Burnett Elementary- At-large

Jennifer DePew

Brickey-McCloud Elementary- At-large