• Student Representative

    The Knox County Board of Education accepts applications annually for a student representative to serve as a non-voting member of the Board. Applications for 2024-2025 Board Student Representative are currently being accepted through 4:00 p.m. on March 21, 2024. Applicants must meet eligibility requirements and fulfill the responsibilities listed below. The application, information, and required forms are available here and may also be acquired at the main office and/or guidance office of each high school during the spring semester each school year. Questions may be directed to the Board's Executive Assistant at 865-594-1623.

    The role of the student representative will be:

    1. To provide student insight and perspective to the Board and school system administrators;
    2. To serve as a liaison to the students of Knox County Schools through established student government and other student communication networks; and
    3. To report to students about the work of the school system and the Board of Education.

    Eligibility requirements for the student representative will be:

    1. To be a rising senior who has attended a Knox County public high school for one year in good standing;
    2. To maintain a 2.75 minimum grade point average; and
    3. To commit a minimum of 15 hours per month.

    Responsibilities of the student representative will be:

    1. To be a resident of Knox County and a senior in a Knox County Schools high school;
    2. To be bound by all applicable rules and regulations pertaining to the elected Board of Education members;
    3. To maintain appropriate school attendance, conduct, and grade point average;
    4. To participate in Board discussions, but not to make motions, vote, hold Board offices, or attend Executive Sessions;
    5. To receive materials distributed to Board members, with the exception of materials relating to individual students, employees, and other confidential matters exempt from disclosure by law;
    6. To receive services and support from the Board office and staff members with prior approval of the Board Chair;
    7. To be reimbursed for all expenses incurred while on Board business with prior approval of the Board Chair; and
    8. To attend and sit with the Board members during monthly Board meetings which are held on Monday and Thursday evenings;
    9. To meet with individual Board members for mentoring sessions up to once per month; and
    10. To provide reports at Board quarterly work sessions.