• Magnet/KVA Transportation

    • Beaumont Honors Magnet Academy
    • Green Math and Science Magnet Academy
    • Sarah Moore Greene Magnet Technology Academy
    • Vine Magnet Performing Arts and Sciences Middle School
    • Austin East Magnet High School (AM only)*
    • Dr. Paul L. Kelley Volunteer Academy at Lincoln Park Technology Center


    Because of the wide-ranging appeal of the programming at these schools and the geographically diverse student population that programming attracts, transportation has to be handled a little differently than it is for typical zoned schools.  As you can see below, there are seven routes to cover the entirety of Knox County, running (in general) along major thoroughfares.  We are not able to provide stops in the proximity we do for students attending their zoned schools; these stops are designed to serve wider areas and may not be within walking distance for our students.  Having said that, we are more than happy to entertain requests for new stops on Magnet routes.  Please feel free to fill out a Bus Stop Request Form (linked to on the left of the page) to request a new stop, or call our office for more information.  While we can’t guarantee acceptance of every request, we will be as responsive and helpful as we can.

    The vehicles traveling these routes will pick up students at any of the listed bus stops for any of the above schools.  They will transport all of them to Vine Magnet Performing Arts and Sciences Middle School where we have instituted a Transfer Stop.  We have (typically) one bus that will then run to each school, transporting all the students bound for that school.  This transfer happens in the protected parking lot at Vine under the watchful eyes of KCS staff.  They will help any lost student get where they are supposed to be.  In the afternoon, the reverse happens.  One bus will pick up all the students from each school and bring them back to Vine where the students will disperse to their various buses to be taken home.

    For example (all bus numbers here are made up), if Jane Q. Student wishes to utilize the stop at the BP at 7401 Strawberry Plains Pike on the Whittle Springs-Asheville Hwy. route to attend Beaumont Elementary, Jane would catch Bus 1 there at 6:35 AM.  She would ride to Vine, disembark Bus 1, and get onto Bus 2, which would then take Jane and all the other Beaumont students from all across the county to Beaumont.  In the afternoon, Bus 2 would pick Jane and her classmates up at Beaumont and take them to Vine.  Jane would get back on Bus 1 and ride back to the BP at 7401 Strawberry Plains Pike, arriving at 4:15 PM.

    Please note that the bus numbers servicing these routes may change.  Click the links below to see the routes. 

    *Due to the later afternoon release time for Austin East students, they will be transported home by alternate means and not on one of the listed routes.  In the past, this has been a mini-bus or school shuttle, but that could change depending on the number of students utilizing transportation.