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    The Tennessee Department of Education has released the 2011 data on the State Report Card results on pre-K-12 education.

    The Tennessee State Report Card includes state, district, and school-level information on achievement, demographics, and discipline. The Tennessee Education Improvement Act of 1992 established accountability standards for all public schools in the state and required the Department of Education to produce a Report Card for the public to assess each year.

    The Knox County Schools (KCS) earned all “B” achievement grades in reading, math, science, and social studies). The State of Tennessee posted C, B, C, and B grades respectively. Achievement grades are based on how well students performed on the TCAP assessments against the curriculum standards.

    In overall value-added results, the KCS earned C, B, C, and B grades for reading, math, science, and social studies. The State of Tennessee posted D, B, D, and C grades respectively. Value-added data measures student growth within a grade and subject, which demonstrates the influence the school has on the students’ performance.

    Additional highlights of the data show:

    * The KCS remained consistent from 2010 to 2011 in overall achievement results, posting “B” grades in all categories.

    * KCS’s overall scores were either higher or on par with the State of Tennessee in every category.

    * Two schools earned straight As in achievement and value-added: A.L. Lotts Elementary and Rocky Hill Elementary.

    * The KCS advanced from a C to a B grade in value-added mathematics, an area that was targeted for improvement in 2010.

    * In mathematics, value-added scores were either maintained or improved in every middle school.

    * In mathematics, value-added scores were improved by a 3:1 ratio at the elementary grade level.

    * Opportunities for improvement in value-added category for elementary science.

    * High school graduation projection of 86.61 percent. In 2010, the graduation rate was 86.6 percent, and was higher than anticipated last year due to a one-time methodological adjustment (the unadjusted rate would have been 84.8%). In 2009, the graduation rate was 81.4 percent.

    * As a district, ACT scores were significantly above the predicted scores in every reported category (composite score, English, math, and reading).
    “Our state report card results show that our improvement efforts are resulting in steady academic progress,” said Dr. Jim McIntyre, Superintendent of the Knox County Schools. “With rigorous new educational standards in Tennessee, this data serves as a valuable indicator of the growth we have achieved, as well as identifying areas where we need to focus additional attention.”