• State Releases 2014 Report Card Data
    Second consecutive year Knox County Schools receives straight “As” in Achievement
    The Knox County Schools (KCS) has posted straight “As” in achievement for the second consecutive year, according to recent 2014 State Report Card results released by the Tennessee Department of Education (TDOE).
    The Tennessee State Report Card includes state, district, and school-level information on achievement, demographics, and discipline. The Tennessee Education Improvement Act of 1992 established accountability standards for all public schools in the state and required the Department of Education to produce a Report Card for the public to assess each year.
    The Knox County Schools (KCS) earned straight “As” in achievement for reading/language arts, math, science and social studies. The State of Tennessee posted grades of B, A, B and A for reading/language arts, math, science and social studies, respectively. Achievement grades are based on how well students performed on the TCAP assessments against the curriculum standards.
    In overall value-added results, the KCS achieved a composite Level 5 value-added score (the highest level) on the Tennessee Value Added Assessment System (TVAAS), as well as Level 5 value-added in overall Literacy. In terms of value-added report card grades, KCS earned C, A, B and A grades for reading/language arts, math, science, and social studies, respectively. The State of Tennessee posted C, A, B and B grades, respectively. Value-added data measures student growth within a grade and subject, which demonstrates the influence the district, school, or teacher has on the students’ performance.
    Additional highlights of the data show:
    • KCS’s four year high school graduation rate for the class of 2014 was 88.7 percent, up from 87.7 percent for 2013.
    • For the second consecutive year since the Tennessee State Report Card began issuing grades in 2000, the Knox County Schools scored straight “As” in achievement. 
    • For the fourth consecutive year, KCS’s overall scores were either higher or on par with the State of Tennessee in every category.
    • For the fourth consecutive year, Rocky Hill Elementary School received straight “As” in achievement and value-added. For the second consecutive year, Copper Ridge Elementary School received straight “As” in achievement and value-added. A.L. Lotts Elementary also posted all “As” in achievement and value-added.
    • In all, 25 schools posted all “As” in achievement, up from 21 in 2013. 
    Download the report card here
    Information on the State Report Card is available by logging on to knoxschools.org.
    State of Tennessee news release available here.