• Frequently Asked Questions about Voluntary Pre-K

    Who will be served in the Voluntary Pre-K programs?

    Children must be four years of age on or before August 15th of the current year. Students will be chosen based on a weighted application. The focus is to enroll students in the underserved population, which includes children identified as ‘at-risk’. At-risk factors include family income, family structure, and special family situations. (These areas are determined to meet the State Department of Education guidelines.)

    What is the Pre-K calendar?

    The Pre-K classes will operate on the same schedule as Knox County Schools. Hours of the program are typically 7:45-1:15, however, each school sets its own start time.  Regular attendance (at least 95%) is a requirement for all students.

    How many children and staff are in each classroom?

    The Pre-K classes will enroll 20 students. A certified teacher and a teaching assistant will be assigned to each class.

    Will transportation be provided?

    No. Transportation to and from school each day will be provided by the student’s family.

    When will families know if their child is selected for the program?

    Families will be notified by mail or a phone call at least two weeks before the beginning of school.  An enrollment package will then be available at the assigned school site for each student.  If the preferred class placement is full or a family doesn't meet the income qualification for first considration, the child will be placed on a waiting list.