Secondary ELA/Reading Curriculum Contributors


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    Allie Bays                   Tiffany Fluharty              Karen Peebles

    Luke Bell                    Annie Henry                   Brandy Pittman

    Betty Blanton             Candace Hoskins          Stacey Reece

    Sean Blevins               Renata Krumm             Karen Rehder

    Nathan Bonewitz        Karyn Lee                     Melissa Sandling

    Robin Bowman           Cayllah McKensey        Kaitlyn Scanlon

    John Cionfolo              Alice McManus             Hollie Stiltner

                                          April Wood                    James Yoakley

I-211 Selection of Instructional Materials Other than Textbooks

  •  The I-211 policy originated in 1995 and revised in 2016, instructs Knox County personnel on the procedure for using supplementary materials in the classroom. Teachers work in conjunction with the building level principal to determine the appropriateness of content. While faculty can supplement with relevant, rigorous, and timely materials that address the Tennessee State Standards, it is imperative that teachers follow proper procedures according to the guidelines set forth by the I-211 policy. Teachers should complete the Instructional Materials Assessment Form before meeting with their building principal. 

    I-211 Policy

    I-212 Policy

    Instructional Materials Assessment Form

    Syllabus Guidelines

    Text Complexity Placemat

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