Know What Version of OS X You Have

  • Questioning Man
    Before you begin looking for help, you need to know what version of Mac OS X you're running on your machine. To determine your machine's OS, follow these simple steps...
    - Locate and click on the small apple logo in the upper-left corner of you computer screen.
    - From the drop-down list, select 'About This Mac'.
    - When the window appears, look for the version number just under the bold OS X and Apple logo.
    OS X Version
    Note: You will see a string of three numbers separated by two dots (periods). The first is the number 10, (the value for the Roman Numeral X.) The second number is the version number. It has been underlined in red on the graphic. The number at the end is the currently installed update version number.

    Links to information about the most recent OS X versions.